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Terms & Conditions

Personal Transfer Service Terms & Conditions

1. General Terms & Conditions

USA Luxury Limo Service, located at 12026 Fairquarter Ln Pinehurst, TX 77362 (hereinafter referred to as “USA Luxury Limo Service”), facilitates Users in booking travel services through its online platform, associated online platforms, and mobile applications (“Apps,” collectively referred to as “USA Limo Tools”). The service provided by USA Luxury Limo Service involves arranging an entitlement to carriage for a User through a transportation service provider (“TSP”) as an intermediary, rather than providing the travel service itself. These Terms and Conditions (referred to as “Terms”) form an integral part of any agreement between Users and USA Luxury Limo Service for the arrangement of travel services.

2. Contractual Relationship and Conclusion of Contract

2.1 Contractual Relationship: USA Luxury Limo Service acts as an intermediary, arranging entitlement to carriage over a TSP for the User.

2.2 Conclusion of Contract: By submitting a completed booking form via USA Luxury Limo Tools or by telephone (“Ride Request”), the User offers to enter into an arrangement agreement. The arrangement agreement comes into effect upon USA Luxury Limo Service’s separate statement (“Booking Confirmation”) confirming the receipt of the ride details.

3. User Registration Requirements for the Use of USA Luxury Limo Tools

Users must ensure that all provided information is accurate for registration. Automated methods for registration are prohibited.

4. Ride Request Terms & Conditions

Selected details of the User’s Ride Request (Travel Arrangements) are subject to the arrangement agreement between USA Luxury Limo Service and the User:

4.1 Transfer Rides / Hourly Bookings, Changes to Service: Users can choose between transfer rides and hourly bookings. Changes are subject to TSP availability.

4.2 Vehicle Class / Vehicle Model, Upgrade: Users can choose from different vehicle classes. Vehicle images are illustrative, and an upgrade may be possible subject to availability.

4.3 Transport Safety, Consequences: Includes rules for luggage, animals, child safety seats, and maximum capacity. The TSP may refuse carriage under certain circumstances.

4.4 Delays: Users are advised of potential delays due to exceptional situations beyond control.

4.5 Cancellations, Changes to Booking, and No-Shows: Describes the conditions for cancellations, changes, and no-shows, along with associated charges.

4.6 Behavior in the Vehicle: Outlines behavioral standards during the ride, including safety regulations.

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5. Compensation and Payment

5.1 Principles: USA Luxury Limo Service’s compensation is detailed in the Booking Confirmation, considering factors such as vehicle class, distance, booking timing, and special requests.

5.2 Ride Changes: Users can make changes, and any additional distance or time is recalculated with associated charges.

5.3 Other Premiums: Details waiting times, additional kilometers for hourly bookings, and terms of payment.

5.4 Terms of Payment and Transaction Fees: Payment can be made by credit card, and transaction fees for bank transfers are borne by the User.

5.5 Payment Reminders, Unpaid Credit Card Invoices: Charges for payment reminders and unpaid credit card invoices are outlined.

5.6 Sending Invoices, Payment Dates: Invoices are provided electronically, and payment is due immediately.

5.7 Vouchers: Terms for the use of vouchers are specified.

Terms & Conditions

6. Liability

6.1 Principles: USA Luxury Limo Service’s liability is defined concerning damages caused intentionally or by gross negligence. Certain limitations apply based on the nature of the damage.

6.2 Contents of USA Luxury Limo Tools: USA Luxury Limo Service is not liable for the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of content and programs, excluding the content in the Booking Confirmation.

6.3 Websites of Third Parties: No responsibility is accepted for third-party websites linked through USA Luxury Limo Tools.

6.4 Accuracy of Transmitted Information, Disruption of Access: USA Luxury Limo Service is not liable for the accuracy of information or disruptions to access due to external events.

6.5 Release of Liability by the User: The User releases USA Luxury Limo Service from claims arising from the User’s use of USA Luxury Limo Tools in violation of the contract or these Terms.

7. Changes to the Offer by USA Luxury Limo Service Terms & ConditionsTerms & Conditions

USA Luxury Limo Service reserves the right to make changes to USA Luxury Limo Tools to enhance quality. Temporary or permanent discontinuation of the service may occur without personal notification.

8. Protection of Content, Granting of Rights of Use to USA Luxury Limo Tools

The content of USA Luxury Limo Tools is protected by copyright. Users are granted a conditional and revocable right to use USA Luxury Limo Tools as intended, subject to compliance with these Terms.

Final Provisions

USA Luxury Limo

9. Final Provisions Terms & Conditions

9.1 Entirety, Writing: These Terms represent the entire agreement between USA Luxury Limo Service and the User for the service. Subsidiary agreements are not recognized. Any changes or additions to this agreement must be in written form; digital form is not sufficient. This also applies to modifications or additions to this written-form requirement.

9.2 Subject to Change: USA Luxury Limo Service retains the right to modify these Terms. Notification of changes occurs through a unilateral declaration by publishing the new Terms on the website of USA Luxury Limo Service and informing Users. If the User does not object to the new Terms within 14 days of the information being published, the new Terms are deemed accepted. The User’s continued use of USA Luxury Limo Service’s services is contingent on the acceptance of the updated Terms.

9.3 Offsetting, Retention, and Assignment: The User may only offset undisputed or legally determined counterclaims against USA Luxury Limo Service. This condition also applies to the User’s notice of defects. The User can only exercise a right of retention if their counterclaim arises from the same contractual relationship. The assignment of the User’s claims from the contractual relationship against third parties without the written consent of USA Luxury Limo Service is not permitted.

9.4 Choice of Law and Place of Jurisdiction: For all legal relationships between USA Luxury Limo Service and the User, the law of the United States of America applicable to domestic business is effective. The place of fulfillment is Houston, TX. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Houston, TX, provided the User is a merchant according to the Commercial Code or has no fixed place of residence in the United States of America upon suing. Legally binding jurisdictions remain unaffected.

9.5 Severability: If any provisions of these Terms prove invalid, unenforceable, or contain loopholes, the remaining provisions remain in effect. The parties are obligated to replace the invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provisions with ones that come closest to the meaning, economic purpose, and the intent of the parties.

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