Valentine’s Day Meaning: A Day of Romance and Love

When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, observed annually on February 14th, is the perfect occasion to express love and affection through thoughtful gifts. This day holds a special significance for couples, as they exchange tokens of love to celebrate their connection. From classic roses and chocolates to personalized keepsakes and romantic getaways, the array of Valentine’s Day gifts is as diverse as the bonds they symbolize. As the date approaches, the anticipation builds, prompting individuals to carefully select the ideal gift that encapsulates their feelings. So, when Valentine’s Day arrives, it brings not just the joy of giving but also the warmth of shared moments and the appreciation of the unique connection between hearts.

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Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a yearly celebration held on February 14. Initially, it began as a Christian feast day to honor a martyr named Valentine. Over time, it has developed into a major cultural, religious, and economic celebration of marriage and love across many areas of the world. The stories of death linked with different Saint Valentines related to February 14 include an account of Saint Valentine of Rome’s imprisonment for caring for Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire in the third century. According to legend, Saint Valentine returned sight to the blind daughter of his jailer. Later changes to the tale connect it more closely to the theme of love, saying that Saint Valentine performed weddings for Christian soldiers who were banned from marrying by the Roman ruler. An 18th-century fabrication says that he wrote a goodbye letter signed “Your Valentine” to the jailer’s daughter before his death. The celebration of the Feast of Saint Valentine on February 14 was mentioned in the 8th-century Gelasian Sacramentary. The connection of the day with romantic love gained popularity in the 14th and 15th centuries during the age of courtly love. In 18th-century England, it grew into an occasion for couples to show love through the exchange of flowers, sweets, and welcome cards known as “valentines.” Modern images of Valentine’s Day include heart-shaped outlines, birds, and the flying Cupid. Handmade cards in the 19th century gave way to mass-produced wishes. In Italy, the custom includes giving Saint Valentine’s keys to lovers as a loving sign and an offer to open the giver’s heart. These keys are also given to children to ward off epilepsy, known as Saint Valentine’s Malady. While Saint Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday in any country, it is marked as an official feast day in the Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Church. Additionally, various parts of the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day on different dates in honor of Roman priest Saint Valentine and Hieromartyr Valentine, the Bishop of Interamna (modern Terni).

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